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While white collar crimes are non-violent, they can still come with potentially severe penalties. These crimes are incredibly complex, and can include everything from fraud to embezzlement. Just about anyone can be accused of committing one of these crimes—and, because of the complexities of the situation, may even stumble into it accidentally. Being accused can be frightening, and it’s important to work with a qualified attorney in order to protect yourself.


At the Law Office of Philip McCarthy, we understand the complexities of these cases and defend clients passionately both in and out of the courtroom. We are prepared to handle your case, offering you sound advice and aggressive representation every step of the way. For over two decades, we have been serving clients in Sacramento and Placer Counties; now, we want to provide you with the same sort of reliable representation. 

If You Are Accused of a White Collar Crime, You Want a Lawyer Who Knows the Law

White collar crime refers to the type of crimes that deal with unlawful financial gain, typically through deceptive practices. Examples of white-collar crimes include: fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion, and money laundering. A large portion of white collar crime is investigated and prosecuted by the federal government, which makes these cases very serious and intimidating for defendants. 


Dealing with accusations of white-collar crime can feel daunting. The Law Office of Philip McCarthy is here to represent our clients’ best interests and help them navigate their unique legal situations. Mr. McCarthy is a versatile white collar criminal lawyer with over 28 years of experience taking on a wide variety of cases. He understands that every situation is unique, and so takes the time to truly listen to his clients and created a solid defense strategy on their behalf. 

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White collar criminal cases involve the need for extensive research, documentation, and discovery. We will give your case the dedicated attention it deserves and ensure that you are informed throughout the legal process. If you are facing white collar crime accusations, give The Law Office of Philip McCarthy a call. Schedule your free initial consultation with Mr. McCarthy today by calling (916) 442-8298.   

If you have been accused of tax fraud or insurance fraud, you could be facing severe penalties. Philip McCarthy will dedicate his personal attention to your defense.  

Regardless of the offense, a criminal conviction can have long-lasting and far-reaching consequences. Get experienced and assertive defense representation from us.  


Being convicted of Driving Under the Influence can cost you your driving privileges, your freedom, and thousands of dollars. Don’t face the situation alone; partner with a reliable attorney.  

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