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A misdemeanor is a type of crime that is classified as less serious than a felony, but more serious than a simple citation. Nonetheless, it is still a crime punishable by law and can result in serious consequences, including jail time, fines, probation, and more. There are distinct types of misdemeanor crimes that can range from assault to property crimes. The Law Office of Philip McCarthy represents clients accused of a wide variety of misdemeanor crimes in Sacramento and Placer Counties. If you are looking for a dependable misdemeanor lawyer to advise you and represent you in court, contact us today and receive your free initial consultation.  

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Misdemeanors come in a wide range of forms, and as such can result in penalties ranging from simple fines to jail time. Even though they are less serious than felonies, they can still result in a serious negative impact for your life, and as such it’s important to partner with an experienced lawyer for your own protection. With 28 years of experience, The Law Office of Philip McCarthy will provide a solid legal defense in your misdemeanor case. Mr. McCarthy cares deeply about the wellbeing of his clients; he understands just how difficult this situation can be, and so takes the time to listen to your unique situation and provide advice on how to proceed. Then, he’ll create a strong defense to present to the court. His goal is to help you work towards the best possible outcome for your case, whatever that might be. 


Some common misdemeanor offenses include: 


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No matter your unique situation, having a qualified attorney by your side can help relieve some of the stress. Protect yourself and your rights; if you are facing misdemeanor charges, give The Law Office of Philip McCarthy a call. Schedule your free initial consultation with Mr. McCarthy today by calling (916) 442-8298.   

If you have been accused of tax fraud or insurance fraud, you could be facing severe penalties. Philip McCarthy will dedicate his personal attention to your defense.  

Regardless of the offense, a criminal conviction can have long-lasting and far-reaching consequences. Get experienced and assertive defense representation from us.  


Being convicted of Driving Under the Influence can cost you your driving privileges, your freedom, and thousands of dollars. Don’t face the situation alone; partner with a reliable attorney.  

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