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Are you facing criminal charges in Nevada County, CA? Reach out to The Law Office Of Philip McCarthy. Philip McCarthy is an experienced criminal defense attorney in the area, offering reliable representation. He will evaluate your case, listen to your side, and help you find the best resolution. Attorney Philip McCarthy is a lawyer determined to provide you with a fair outcome for your case. Call today to see how he can help. 

How Can The Law Office Of Philip McCarthy Help?

  • Insurance & Tax Fraud: Are you facing tax fraud or insurance fraud charges? Work with an insurance fraud lawyer today so that they can thoroughly examine your case. 
  • Criminal Defense: Attorney Philip McCarthy can assist with misdemeanors and felonies. 
  • DUI: Driving Under the Influence is a serious crime that can result in high fines and license repercussions. Contact a DUI lawyer to minimize the repercussions as best you can.
  • Domestic Violence: Domestic violence charges are personal. Work with a domestic violence attorney that will help you find the best course of action during the case.
  • White-Collar Crime: Work with a white-collar criminal lawyer that is familiar with the law.
  • Misdemeanors: Attorney Philip McCarthy can help with all types of misdemeanor cases such as DUIs, petty theft, trespassing, etc.

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Call The Law Office Of Philip McCarthy today to schedule a consultation with a reliable criminal defense attorney in the Nevada County, CA area. He will help you protect your rights throughout the entire process.

If you have been accused of tax fraud or insurance fraud, you could be facing severe penalties. Philip McCarthy will dedicate his personal attention to your defense.  

Regardless of the offense, a criminal conviction can have long-lasting and far-reaching consequences. Get experienced and assertive defense representation from us.  


Being convicted of Driving Under the Influence can cost you your driving privileges, your freedom, and thousands of dollars. Don’t face the situation alone; partner with a reliable attorney.  

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