Philip McCarthy, Esq

Philip is a Sacramento native, and did his undergraduate work at California State University Sacramento. He obtained his Law Degree from Gonzaga University. He has been defending the rights of the accused for over 20 years, and has a very high success rate.


"Mr. McCarthy was very knowledgeable with my case did what he said he was going to do saved me money time and a lot of stress he was very personable and I think he really cared unlike most attorneys who just want your money."

 -Aaron, Sacramento

"Hiring Mr. McCarthy to represent my daughter was the best thing to happen during a very bleak situation. Mr. McCarthy is unique among his peers, his genuine compassion combined with legal expertise helped guide our family through a scary, confusing process that could have ended very poorly. I'd highly recommend him to anyone faced with a criminal legal issue."
-Elizabeth, Sacramento

He is the best! Handled my case beautifully. I couldn't have gotten a better outcome and am now looking at no charges and a clean record uponcompletion of my program. Very blessed to have this man on my side
-Happy Client

Attorney Philip McCathy is one of the best lawyers in the Sacramento area. My experience with him and his staff was excellent. He listened to me, explained to me what I have been charged with, what legal options are available to me and how he will do "everything in his power" to get me the best possible outcome. And he dismissed!!!! ... 

-a client

Attorney Philip D. Mccarthy is a very conscientious and dedicated to his profession and to those that he serves. I realize that in needing an attorney to represent my needs . He talks to his client Number one , you will never be disappointed with his dedication to make you A winner.


Mr. McCarthy was truthful, forthright & very professional. I do not have any knowledge or experience with court proceedings. Mr. McCarthy took all the time necessary to fully explain the process, what he was going to do for me & my case, explained all of the possible outcomes & what could be expected. I can't express how important, to me, it was that Phil did not "sugarcoat" or give me false high hopes of a desired outcome. Phil took the time to know, understand & take into consideration my personal special circumstances. Mr. McCarthy called me to explain the outcome of a hearing, and that he won a favorable decision in my benefit. He saved my ability to continue being independent. Phil & office staff are truly a pleasure to communicate with. There's not any words to express my gratitude for Mr. McCarthy.


Philip is a professional and he knows his stuff from A to Z. He handled my DV case and the whole process went very well. He is very calm and definitely a smooth talker. Before choosing him I did my research and met with other lawyers and did not find a Lawyer of his level. Very satisfied with his work and would definitely recommend his services to anyone.
-a client

I hired Phil twice and both times he was very professional and knowledgeable. I was pleased with how he handled my cases and he did everything he explained he would do. Phil is a great attorney and will give you the best legaladvice/representation without just trying to take your money.


If you want an honest hard working man, this is your guy. Phil will go the extra mile and always have your best interest in mind. I am a African-American man who has related so well with Phil I consider him family now!!! He has been there for me 13 years now and never once judged me for my stupid mistakes. He's down to earth, easy going, funny and ethical. The way he handles myself is very professional in and out of court. His professionalism pays off in the court room which generally translates to the best results. If I could rate him from 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest I'd give him an 11!! Don't hesitate this who you want to defend you!!


Mr. Mccarthy was very knowledgeable with my case did what he said he was going to do saved me money time and alot of stress he was very personable and i think he really cared unlike most attorneys how just want your money

Mr. McCarthy is licensed only in the state of California, limiting his practice to California courts.

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